About us


Care Highway International is a non-profit children’s charity founded in 1997 by Christopher Morrison BCAo and dedicated to encouraging community resiliency by improving children’s health, nutrition, and access to education. CHI is committed to breaking the poverty cycle by supporting the education, health, nutrition, social and emotional needs of children, to provide the skills necessary to create a sustainable life to help them become contributing members of their own societies. What sets us apart from other NGOs is that all CHI members are volunteers, allowing CHI to allocate all aid, sponsorships, and fundraising to health and education projects. We have established a home and school for orphaned children in Kericho, where volunteers regularly participate in community camps, organizing and leading excursions and events for the children who live there. CHI respects human rights. The organization is non-partisan. CHI guaranteees that 100% of donations support children in need.


Established in 1997 by Christopher Morrison BCAo, CHI is a non-profit children’s charity focused on improving children’s health, nutrition, and access to education.


From its beginnings until now, at Care Highway International we have opted to develop humanitarian and educational projects that generate progress, growth, and evolution in Kenya.


For us, boys and girls in Kenya are our priority. We are committed to having long- term projects that guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives and, above all, that promote their empowerment in the future, so that they have a better quality of life and greater opportunities as adults. To that end, CHI have established two children’s homes and large tracts of property which are used for the development of agricultural projects.


Strengthening children’s education in Kenya is one of our main objectives. So far, we support children in Kericho and Nairobi.


For us, education promotes children’s social development, improves their opportunities both now and in the future, and supports their growth physically, intellectually, and emotionally. We provide educational support to children whose parents cannot afford school fees. We also provide housing and education to several children who have lost their relatives. It is for this reason that we consider our NGO efforts in Kenya our CHI home, and we consider these children our family.


Through these efforts, CHI promote community values, we work to boost the aspirations of each child both individually and within their community, and most importantly, we give them love.


Our volunteering program brings new skills and knowledge to our community in Kenya while offering volunteers an opportunity to support CHI projects first-hand.


We love having our team of volunteers who contribute their skills and knowledge to make our communities in Kericho and Nairobi continue to flourish. Volunteers not only have the opportunity to learn to navigate the cultural and social dynamics of Kenya, but they also have the opportunity to work within specific projects to provide new educational dynamics and methodologies within our schools and agricultural projects. Beyond these practicalities, volunteers get to meet and learn the life histories of each of our children and their teachers.


How it works: All our volunteers come to the CHI house for a month-long term to live with the children who live there. Once there, volunteers participate in the activities scheduled each day and learn the ins-and-outs of how our children’s homes work.


CHI can only do this work through your generous donations, sponsorships, and volunteering, which all provide vulnerable populations with medicine, food, and education. None of CHI’s efforts are possible without you!


We are an NGO that works to improve the education of children, so there are a variety of ways that you can become involved directly and support our efforts in- country. From participating in medical expeditions, providing educational support, and engaging in agricultural projects, to making financial donations and
sponsorships, CHI has a way for you to become involved!


If you want to be part of our project, we are waiting for you!