At CHI we continue to study from home

At CHI we continue to study from home

Even that Schools will be closed until 2021, at Carehighway International we continue to study at home thanks to the support we have from the entire team, who make it possible for children to continue with their training as if they were going to school every day.

It should be noted that girls and boys are in good health. This time of confinement has been important to teach them the importance of respecting social distance, cleaning hands with soap and water constantly, and not crossing hands with anyone as a precaution. At CHI home every afternoon we talk about the coronavirus situation and the activities that we must carry out to be healthy.

Education remains our priority:

Bearing in mind that education is one of our important pillars, boys and girls continue to receive classes from home as if they were attending school. Thanks to our teachers and coordinators, we can continue with the training taking into account that the schools will reopen their doors from the year 2021. They also receive online classes and training through different educational tv show programs.

We are very grateful to our team in Kenya:

To prevent several people from leaving and entering the house, as a security measure every month a coordinator is in charge of the house and the activities that are carried out. This month our coordinator Caroline Chepkemoi will be on the lookout, then we will have other people from the team who will make sure that the boys and girls comply with their studies and also with their daily activities.

Our farm is better than ever!

Our agricultural project is becoming more and more important for our house. The boys and girls love working on the farm helping to collect food as well as taking care of the crops we have today.
The cows are also healthy and were recently dewormed. Mary and Dommy had calves, therefore each month the milk we collect is reduced, although it is still enough for the children to consume. Our children are helping a lot in the feeding of the cows as well as in their care.