In CHI we help our children by providing:


  • An academic education
  • A place where our children feel protected and loved
  • A chance to grow and develop


CHI have two projects in Kenya, one in Nairobi and the other in Kericho.


These projects are managed by field coordinators, individuals who continually monitor each child that is part of the project. Currently, these coordinators work hand in hand with families and teachers of the different schools, supporting school-based activities and ensuring the educational development of each child.


In our Nairobi project, we support each student by paying their tuition and providing student materials such as books, uniforms, and shoes. CHI also provide transportation and maintenance costs.


In Kericho, we have established and continue to support, finance, and manage Sitotwet Children’s Home, a place to just be a kid. Our coordinators and children are family. In partnership with The Children’s Department of Kericho County, Sitotwet Primary School, and the local community, together we provide an education alongside social and emotional support.