CHI agriculture project is growing

CHI agriculture project is growing

Welcome to Mary, our second cow

We are already going for more than a year promoting the agriculture project that has not only helped us to have our own food inside the house but also has allowed us to teach the girls and boys the importance of traditional agriculture and the importance of caring of their lands, their food and now of their two cows. We are very happy to tell you that now we have two cows that support enough milk for the children and the staff, with more than 6 liters per day.

We also want to tell you that our second house is almost done. We have just a few details missing and we will inaugurate with our volunteer program. Thank you everyone, for your support and contribution so that our organization continues to grow.


Chris Morrison Visited EEUU

Our Founder / Director of Care Highway International has been visiting the United States with the aim to talk about our projects and visiting the organizations that have supported us for many years.

Chris has lectured at the Texas Women’s University (TWU) to explain the news of our projects in Kenya. Every year, he has participated in the Rotary Club annual dinner in Odessa, Texas to collect funds for our organization.

Thank you very much to Odessa Rotary Club for your constant support over the last 15 years!