Back to school: Some of our children have resumed classes

Back to school: Some of our children have resumed classes

In Kenya, 44,881 people have tested positive for COVID-19. More than 30,000 have recovered and health care and restrictions remain a priority in the country.

We are pleased to report that both staff and children at CHI are all well. Now that the government has announced a return to school for some students, at CHI we have prepared the children to comply with all the necessary care to avoid contagion (use of mandatory mask, hand washing with soap and water, safety distance, etc.).

For the whole team, it is very important to know that some of our students will be able to resume school, which motivates us to promote a new campaign to give other students the possibility to go to school. Soon we will be telling you more about the initiative to be part of this beautiful project.

We take the opportunity to share with you photos of our boys and girls at CHI Children’s home.

As you know in previous publications, we continue to study from home, working on the agriculture project, and carrying out group activities during the free time.

New classrooms for Care Highway International
We have exciting news that we have demolished a building in Kibera that will be rebuilt and dedicated as an education center where there will be two new classrooms.  It is a joy for us to know that more children will be able to be part of our family. Would you like to be the godfather or godmother of one of them? Get in touch with us!

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