Fundraising to help Children’s family during the Covid-19 time

Fundraising to help Children’s family during the Covid-19 time

We completed our fundraising goal to provide food and supplies to our children’s families. Our CHI supporters are so incredible, and we appreciate any and all support! 

At CHI we are very grateful for the donations we received to help our children and their families who have been affected by COVID-19. Thanks to your support we have delivered food and grooming supplies to 30 families for 4 weeks. We want to share with you some pictures of the families and a letter sent to us from one of our kids. They are very thankful for this great initiative. ❤️As always, thanks for being part of this beautiful project.

How we did it?

Due to COVID-19, like many around the world, people in Kibera, Kenya are facing dire food shortages. Most residents in Kibera earn less than $1.00 per day, unemployment rates are high, there is a lack of access to basic services, including electricity, running water, and medical care. Many of our children’s parents and family members have lost their jobs and have even fewer resources for support.

CHI is working to provide supplemental aid to help our children and their families during these extraordinary times, and we are raising funds to provide food supplies for families. We provide a family with supplies like oil, maze, flour, soap, and detergent. Our CHI social workers in Nairobi will continue to check in on our children and distribute aid to their families.

Your generous support helps us provide much-needed aid to our children and their families during these extraordinary times.

Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraiser!  We appreciate all your support!


Would you like to contribute?

The situation in Kibera is not easy: maintaining physical distance is almost impossible and people live in tiny, overcrowded homes with few windows or other ventilation. Moreover, access to water is extremely limited, with only 200 water points for the approximately 200,000 people who live in the settlement, making regular hand washing almost impossible. *Very interesting interview with Lili-Marie Wangari, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for MSF in Kenya in this link: o

Kids in our program are safe – but in some cases, the health conditions of some members of the family are bad and not only for COVID19 but also for other existing diseases.
Our kids are not receiving an education – unlike many children worldwide unfortunately they are not in a position to homeschool.  Fortunately, we supplied exercise books at the beginning of the year so at least they can work on their own – not easy in their conditions and with no adult help/control.

That’s why we still need your support and donations. If you want to be part of this, contact us through our Facebook or Instagram @carehighwayinternatinal.

Every little helps these children to have things we take for granted.