New CHI High School Scholarship

New CHI High School Scholarship

Kevin Odoyo and Faith Chepchirchir


Kevin and Faith have received Care Highway High School Scholarship – both covered by CHI team. Both reported to his secondary school in January 2019. Both families are extremely grateful to CHI fraternity for making their dream of joining a National High School a reality.

Kevin Odoyo

Kevin was born and lives in Kibera with his parents. He is the 3rd born in a family of six.
The family mostly depends on their mother’s wage which is barely enough.

Kevin joined CHI little school in January 2010. He was there for two years after he joined class one at Ayany Primary school.

At the little school, Kevin was taken care of through a well-established education, feeding program, health checks up and treatment all thanks to Care Highway Support. With all this provision Kevin learned well and he was the best scholar at the little school.

CHI continued to support Kevin even at the Primary school by paying school fees, feeding program, buying exercise and textbooks, uniforms and paying for his health needs. His parents requested chi to transfer the boy from Ayany primary to Olympic which is near his home and performs way better than Ayany.

He joined Olympic Primary class six and his marks improved recommend ably. He began to score 370 /500 marks and above. In November 2018 Kevin, was among millions of Kenyan young pupils in class 8 to sit for the end of primary exams, KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) and he scored an impressive result of 386/500.

Kevin aspires to be a doctor in future. He is a well-disciplined boy, clean and neat and self-driven.

Faith Chepchirchir
Faith is a 14 years old girl who lives in Care Highway Children’s Home since she was 5.
In Children’s Home she has received school education in addition to emotional support and a chance to grow and develop in a place where she has felt protected and loved.She did her Primary school inSitotwet school in Kericho. In November 2018, Faith presented to KPCP exam and she got a very good score with 314/500.

Her dream is to be a university professor and be a leader in her country. She likes singing, eating chicken and reading animal stories.